Game controls:

WASD - Move Space - Jump double jump is available Shift - Run LMB - Throw bottles only in Level 3

Game interaction
Game details:

Welcome to the amazing world of Super Marty-o Alconaut - an alternative universe of Super Marty-o where the hero faces not the usual obstacles, but the temptations and dangers inherent in the world of alcohol and snacks! In this exciting online game, you will find incredible adventures mixed with humor and incredible challenges. In Super Marty-o Alconaut, Marty-o embarks on a space journey to rescue Princess Peach from the fearsome Irishka Chiki-Piki - the most dangerous boss of this universe. On the way to rescue, Mario will confront an army of beer bottles, vodka bottles, and potato chips, which will become his main opponents.

Rating: 82% 4 times played Added: 2 months ago
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